Update On Trey Combs Book

Not since Andy Mill’s A Passion of Tarpon and Topher Browne’s Atlantic Salmon Magic more than a dozen years ago has there been such an outflowing of pre-publication interest and orders) as with our forthcoming Flies For Atlantic Salmon & Steelhead by Trey Combs.


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When I was a young journalism student, I was given a gift—although, at the time, I did not fully realize how valuable.

“Read only the best,” a wise, eccentric man advised me. “You won’t have time for the rest.”

Nearly 20 years ago, I launched Wild River Press with an ambitious aim: to create the finest fishing and hunting in print. With enthusiastic support from sportsmen and sportswomen who know and still treasure fine sporting literature, we have succeeded. We have brought you adventure and knowledge from the experts, while winning a continuing string of impressive international awards for publishing excellence along the way. Thank you to all—our wonderful authors and loyal readers—for making our collective success possible.

New to our lineup of fine sporting titles are:

Grouse & Woodcock: The Birds of My Life by Timothy C. Flanigan of Pennsylvania

Traveling The World With Hemingway by Curtis L. DeBerg of Paris

Rhody Fly Rodders: Fifty Years, Fifty Members, Fifty Flies by Peter Nilsen of Rhode Island

Master Angler: The Ralph Delph Story by Forrest A. Young of Florida

All four titles are exceptionally well written and beautifully illustrated with original color photography and artwork. Their collective quality adds to the depth of our library. I am pleased to report that we have more exciting projects in various phases of creation than Wild River Press has ever had at any one time. Scheduled for 2023 release are these new titles:

Flies For Atlantic Salmon & SteelheadA History Of The World’s Most Elegant Fishing Flies by Trey Combs of Washington

100 Best Flies for Salmon and Steelhead by Trey Combs

A Passion for Bonefish by Ian Davis of Montana

100 Best Flies for Bonefish by Ian Davis

Bonefish, Barehanded! Conversations With a Guide by Steve Farrelly of New York and “Bonefish” Stuart Cleare of Harbour Island

Ghost Stories: An Oral History With the Legends of Bonefishing in the Bahamas by Tom Karrow of Toronto

Finally, for those of you with a collection of stories of your experiences in the field or on the water—or with the dream of a published sporting memoir you’ve imagined giving your friends and family as a gift—ask about our new Wild River Custom Publishing Service. We can help you plan, edit and bring to reality the book you’ve been thinking about.

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