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A Personal Message from the Publisher

tom_fish_about_us_smWhen I started Wild River Press, my aim was simple but ambitious: produce the finest books about fly fishing that I could. I didn’t want us to produce a lot of books; rather, a few really good ones. And now, several years later—including a couple of national book awards and the distinct possibility of more on the way—I think it’s fair to say we have done that. Our “Masters on the Fly” series is widely recognized as creating an expanding stage for the most talented anglers to demonstrate not only their exceptional skill with the fly rod, but with the pen and sometimes the camera and the paintbrush. Or at least the metaphorical pen! Our books are authentic. Our books have compelling narrative. Our books also look good. They are well-written and crisply edited. They are beautifully designed and handsomely crafted. My philosophy is: Exceptional books should be both literate and visually pleasing. There are too many forgettable fishing books in print. And now we have added hunting. We hope we continue to earn your readership and your proud ownership of Wild River titles because you know we can be counted on to create the unforgettable ones. Yours in Good Sport and Adventurous Reading,
Thomas R. Pero

P.S. If you ever want to speak with me—to share a compliment, an idea for a new book, or offer criticism—my direct line is always open to you: 425-486-3638. If I’m on the water, I promise to phone you back!