Flyfisher’s Guide to Oregon


by Gary Weber

  • Softbound
  • 8.5×11
  • 250+ color pages
  • Dozens of maps

ISBN: 9781932098648

From hook-jawed brown trout, lake-dwelling rainbow and brook trout, huge numbers of smallmouth bass and native sea-run and inland cutthroat—to spawning-bound salmon and the hallowed wild and native steelhead—Oregon is the place for great fly fishing. Gary Weber’s all-new Flyfisher’s Guide to Oregon details these outstanding fishing opportunities like no other guidebook on the market.

Weber covers the hot spots and lesser known fisheries with personal experiences, history, effective techniques for both trout and anadromous species, appropriate gear and flies, access points, nearby fly shops, and much more. His stunning visuals paint the full picture of the fishing in this gorgeous state.

From mainstays such as the Owyhee, Deschutes, North Umpqua and Sandy rivers to lesser known jewels including the Malheur and John Day rivers, Weber has put in the river time so that you can get down to business. Many more tributaries, lakes and reservoirs are covered.

Weber is a veteran Oregon writer who has covered the state’s fly-fishing opportunities for years.

This book features precise and detailed full-color maps, with GPS coordinates for all access points, boat ramps, and parking areas, along with access roads, public land and more. As Lefty once said: “If someone can’t find locations from these maps—they need to stay home.”

Whether you’re an Oregon lifer or new to the state, get an edge with this all-new guidebook.


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