Training the Versatile Hunting Dog


Chuck Johnson

  • Softcover 9 x 7
  • 225 pages with black-and-white photos throughout
  • ISBN 9781932098730\


Training the Versatile Hunting Dog shows you how to develop a terrific all-around bird dog with Chuck Johnson’s special approach. This approach emphasizes letting your young dog first develop its natural abilities: scent nose, desire, cooperation, searching, pointing, tracking. Then, after the first season, Chuck shows you how to put the controls on your dog with chapters on the trained retrieve and essential “whoa” training.



The versatile breeds also love water. Detailed chapters demonstrate how to train your dog to be an outstanding water retriever as well as an upland dog. Chuck covers how to pick a pup, the importance of early socialization, introducing your pup to gunfire and to birds. This is a practical, hands-on book written for the popular versatile hunting breeds: German shorthair, wirehair, Griffon, Vizsla, and Weimaraner among others. Each instructive chapter has a detailed explanation of proven training techniques, along with numerous illustrative photos.

There are also lists of dog training suppliers and various hunting dog organizations, plus bonus detailed plans for building a quail call-back pen, a pigeon pen and a luxury dog kennel. Get out the circular saw!


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